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ap spectrum clear-webui-view-settings

ap spectrum clear-webui-view-settings


Clear a saved spectrum dashboard view.


No parameters

Usage Guidelines

Saved spectrum view preferences may not be backwards compatible with the spectrum analysis dashboard in earlier versions of ArubaOS. If you downgrade to an earlier version of ArubaOS and your client is unable to load a saved spectrum view in the spectrum dashboard, access the CLI in enable mode and issue this command to delete the saved spectrum views and display default view settings in the spectrum dashboard.


The following command removes the WEBUI spectrum view settings file of an user:

(host) [mynode] ##ap spectrum clear-webui-view-settings

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Command Mode

All platforms

RFRadio Frequency. RF refers to the electromagnetic wave frequencies within a range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz, including the frequencies used for communications or Radar signals. Protect license.

Enable mode on Mobility Master.