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configuration node

configuration node

replace-config <filename> [ignore-masterip-config] [<node-path>]


clone-from <source-path>

move-to <dest-path>


This command configures nodes in the configuration hierarchy. Node name and location are specified by the node-path, which can be an absolute path from the root node or relative path from the current node.




replace-config <filename>

New configuration file to be applied for the specified node.


(Optional) Ignores any master IP related changes from the specified configuration file.


(Optional) Path of the configuration node to which the new configuration is to be applied.


Path of the configuration node to be added, removed, or moved.

clone-from <source-path>

Copies an existing node’s configuration to a new node. The source and destination node names and locations are specified by the source node-path and node-path, respectively.

move-to <dest-path>

Moves an existing user-created node in the hierarchy to the specified destination node. System-generated nodes cannot be moved. Ensure the following points while moving a node or device, otherwise the move operation will fail:

The node to be moved is a leaf node and does not have any group node or a device node as a child node under it.

No configuration is pending on the parent nodes of the child node to be moved.

The configuration on the node to be moved is complaint with the configuration in the new ancestor nodes chain.

Usage Guidelines

Use the show configuration node-hierarchy command to view the list of all nodes in the configuration hierarchy.


The following command clones the /md/group2 node-path to the /md/group1 node:

(host) [mynode] (config) #configuration node /md/group1 clone-from /md/group2

Command History




The move-to sub-parameter was introduced under the <node-path> parameter.


Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system.

Config mode on Mobility Master.