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show airmatch network-tech-support

show airmatch network-tech-support

ap-name <name>

band <bandname> {2.4GHz|5GHz} <rf-domain>

mac <mac>


This command collects the output for all the radios that are in the same partition for a specified radio AP name. This command also lists and describes the AP radios that will be handled further.

Usage Guidelines

Issue this command to collect the output for further support or engineering analysis. You can add a file name at the end of this command to capture the output to the flash.






ap-name <name>

Name of an AP for which you want to view AirMatch network support data


Radio type based on which the AP operates

2.4GHz to 5GHz

mac <mac>

MACMedia Access Control. A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on a network. address an AP for which you want to view AirMatch network support data


The following example displays a partial output of the show airmatch network-tech-support ap-name F-16-a-QCA command:

(host) [mynode]#show airmatch network-tech-support ap-name F-16-a-QCA

# Summary of included radios

# AP Name: F-16-a-QCA Radio: ac:a3:1e:59:b4:c0 Band: 2GHz RF domain: 001 partition: 000

# Num radios: 40 New radios: false

# Radio AP Name

----------------- -----------

ac:a3:1e:59:b4:c0 F-16-a-QCA

a8:bd:27:d0:69:e0 F-PP-a-QCA

9c:1c:12:8c:6e:a0 Fremont-sniffer-225

ac:a3:1e:59:9e:00 F-12

70:3a:0e:52:22:40 F-PP-b

ac:a3:1e:59:c7:80 F-16-c-QCA

ac:a3:1e:59:97:e0 F-RVR-d

ac:a3:1e:59:98:20 F-Multiclient-a

70:3a:0e:52:23:a0 F-17-QCA

a8:bd:27:d0:5e:80 F-19-a

70:3a:0e:52:28:e0 F-15-a

18:64:72:7e:af:20 F-15-b-QCA

a8:bd:27:59:fc:e0 F-19-c

a8:bd:27:59:fc:00 F-18-c

a8:bd:27:59:f4:e0 F-18-b

ac:a3:1e:59:aa:a0 F-13

a8:bd:27:d0:5f:c0 F-19-b

ac:a3:1e:53:b8:00 F-16-b-QCA

ac:a3:1e:59:b7:40 F-RVR-g

a8:bd:27:59:fb:e0 a8:bd:27:cd:9f:be

18:64:72:fd:67:a0 18:64:72:c7:d6:7a

18:64:72:d3:81:00 F-11-BRCM

ac:a3:1e:59:9e:80 F-front-door-1

9c:1c:12:87:33:60 F-4-BRCM

ac:a3:1e:59:9d:00 F-RVR-e

ac:a3:1e:59:9a:c0 F-14-QCA

70:3a:0e:6e:5e:20 F-RVR-b

a8:bd:27:d0:94:a0 F-18-a

ac:a3:1e:59:a0:00 1344-2-AP04

18:64:72:7e:c5:c0 F-15-c-QCA

# AP Name: F-16-a-QCA Radio: ac:a3:1e:59:b4:d0 Band: 5GHz RF domain: 001 partition: 000

# Num radios: 49 New radios: false

# Radio AP Name

----------------- -----------

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