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show ap deploy-profile

show ap deploy-profile


This command displays if the AP deploy profile is enabled or not. It also displays if the policy is applied on default AP group, status of the blacklist policy and the complete list of IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges to which the AP deployment policy is applied.




The following command displays the status of the AP deploy profile and various configurations applied on the profile:

(host) [mynode] #show ap deploy-profile


Profile enabled: no

Apply to default ap group: no

Blacklist enabled: yes


AP deploy policy IP range Table


Starting IP Ending IP

----------- ---------


AP deploy policy IPv6 range Table


Starting IP Ending IP

----------- ---------

::3 ::5

2016::1 2016::10

2016::15 2016::15

Related Commands



ap deploy-profile

This command applies the AP deployment policy to the default AP group, and/or to the list of AP MACMedia Access Control. A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on a network. addresses included in the UAP blacklist table, and/or to the specified IP address range. The AP deployment policy redirects the applicable APs to the Instant discovery process, ensuring that the APs run only in controller-less mode.

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Enable or Config mode on Mobility Master.