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show ha ap

show ha ap

information {ip-addr <ip-addr>|ip6-addr <ip6-addr>}



This command displays information about APs using the HA feature.





ip-addr <ip-addr>

ip6-addr <ip6-addr>

Issue this command under the supervision of Aruba support to troubleshoot the HA feature.


Display the HA AP table to view information about APs configured to use the HA feature.

Usage Guidelines

The HA features work across Layer-3 networks, so there is no need for a direct Layer-2 connection between in a high-availability group When the AP first connects to its active , the active provides the IP address of a standby , and the AP attempts to establish a tunnel to the standby to the standby . If an AP fails to connect to the first standby , the active will select a new standby for that AP, and the AP will attempt to connect to that standby .

An AP will failover to its backup if it fails to contact its active through regular heartbeats and keepaliveSignal sent at periodic intervals from one device to another to verify that the link between the two devices is working. If no reply is received, data will be sent by a different path until the link is restored. A keepalive can also be used to indicate that the connection should be preserved so that the receiving device does not consider it timed out and drop it. messages, or if the user manually triggers a failover using the WebUI or CLICommand-Line Interface. A console interface with a command line shell that allows users to execute text input as commands and convert these commands to appropriate functions..


The following command displays the HA table for the HA group default.

(host) [mynode] (config) #show ha ap table

HA AP Table


AP IP-Address MAC-Address AP-flags HA-flags

-- ---------- ----------- -------- --------

ard 6c:f3:7f:c6:72:c0 LU

arr d8:c7:c8:c0:02:7c LU

kalap105-2 00:24:6c:c0:22:6b LU       S

Total Num APs::3

Active APs::2

Standby APs::1

AP Flags: R=RAP; S=Standby; s=Bridge Split VAP L=Licensed; M=Mesh, U=Up

HA Flags: S=Standby, C=Standby connected, L=LMS, F=Sent Failover Request to AP, H=AP flagged for Inter Controller Heartbeat

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This command configures the High Availability:Fast Failover feature by assigning a managed device or standby controller to a high-availability group, and defining the deployment role for each controller.

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