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show ha heartbeat counters

show ha heartbeat counters


This command displays statistics for the HA extended managed device capacity feature.


No parameters.

Usage Guidelines

The HA inter-managed device heartbeat feature allows for faster AP failover from an active managed device to a standby managed device, especially in situations where the active managed device reboots or loses connectivity to the network.

The inter-managed device heartbeat feature works independently from the AP mechanism that sends heartbeats from the AP to the managed device. If enabled, the inter-managed device heartbeat feature supersedes the AP's heartbeat to its managed device. As a result, if a standby managed device detects missed inter-managed device heartbeats from the active managed device, it triggers its standby APs to failover to the standby managed device,even if those APs have not detected any missed heartbeats between the APs and their active managed device. Use this feature with caution in deployments where the active and standby managed device are separated over high-latency WANWide Area Network. WAN is a telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance. links.

When this feature is enabled, the standby managed device starts sending regular heartbeats to an AP's active managed device as soon as the AP has an UP status on the standby managed device. By default, the standby managed device sends heartbeat messages every 100ms. If the active managed device becomes unreachable for the number of heartbeats defined by the heartbeat threshold (by default, 5 missed heartbeats), the standby managed device immediately detects this error, and informs the APs using the standby managed device to fail over from the active managed device to the standby managed device .

This feature is disabled by default. It can be used in conjunction with the HA state synchronization feature only in topologies that use a single active and standby managed device, or a pair dual-mode active managed device that act as standby managed device for each other. HA inter-managed device heartbeats can be enabled and configured in the HA group profile using the WebUI or CLICommand-Line Interface. A console interface with a command line shell that allows users to execute text input as commands and convert these commands to appropriate functions..


The following command displays HA heartbeat statistics for the HA group default.

(host) [mynode] (HA group information "default") #show ha heartbeat counters


Heartbeat stats


Controller IP Active Reference Count Total Heartbeat Sent Total Heartbeat Received

------------- ---------------------- -------------------- ------------------------ 1 101 101

Last Missed Heartbeat (Count) Time



The output of this command includes the following parameters:




IP address of the managed device from which this command was issued.

Active Reference Count

Number of APs that are using that standby managed device as their active managed device.

Total HeartBeat Sent

Total number of heartbeats sent by the managed device.

Total Heartbeat REceived

Total number of heartbeats received by the managed device.

Last Missed Heartbeat(count) time

Timestamp showing when the last heartbeat sent was not received, as well as the number of heartbeats that failed to be sent.

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This command configures the High Availability:Fast Failover feature by assigning a managed device or standby controller to a high-availability group, and defining the deployment role for each controller.

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