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show master-local stats

show master-local stats [<ip-addr>] [<page>]


Display statistics for communication between Mobility Master and managed devices.





Include the IP address of a managed device to display statistics that managed device only.


Start displaying the output of this command at the specified page number.

Usage Guidelines

By default, Mobility Master and managed devices exchange heartbeat messages every 10 seconds. These Heartbeats include a configuration timestamp. If a Mobility Master has later timestamp than the managed device, the state of the managed device changes from ‘Update Successful’ to ‘Update Required’.


This example below shows statistics for all communications between the Mobility Master and the managed devices.

(host) [mynode] #show master-local stats


Missed -> HB Resp from Master


IP Address HB Req HB Resp Total Missed Last Sent Missed Peer Reset Cfg Terminate Last Synced

---------- ------ ------- ------------ ---------------- ---------- ------------- ----------- 194721 194208 926 0 105 1 Thu Feb 26 21:12:04 2009


The output of this command includes the following data columns:



IP Address

IP address of the managed device.

HB Req

Heartbeat requests sent from the managed device.

HB Resp

Heartbeat responses sent from the Mobility Master.

Total Missed

Total number of heartbeats that were not received by the managed device.

Last Sent Missed

This counter will increment if the managed device misses the last heartbeat from the peer managed device. This counter will keep on incrementing until the heartbeat message is received from peer.

Peer Reset

The number of times the connection to peer is been reset. The connection could reset due to network connectivity problems or when the peer switch reboots.

Cfg Terminate

Number of times the managed device has failed to upgrade to a new configuration

Last Synced

Timestamp showing the last time the managed device synched its configuration from the Mobility Master.

Command History




Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system.

Enable and Config mode on Mobility Master.