Tri-Radio Mode for 550 Series Access Points

Starting from ArubaOS, 550 Series Access points will support 802.11ax 8x8 dual-radio with optional 4x4 tri-radio operating mode.

In tri-radio mode or split 5GHz mode, 8x8:8SS 5GHz radio is split into dual 4x4:4SS 5GHz radio. The two radios can work on AP mode and also work on AP+AM Air Monitor. AM is a mode of operation supported on wireless APs. When an AP operates in the Air Monitor mode, it enhances the wireless networks by collecting statistics, monitoring traffic, detecting intrusions, enforcing security policies, balancing wireless traffic load, self-healing coverage gaps, and more. However, clients cannot connect to APs operating in the AM mode. or AP+ Spectrum mode, where one radio provides wireless access and the other radio performs scanning. Tri-radio mode works only under BT POE or DC power.

The Tri-radio mode in 550 Series Access Points supports the following features:

Station Management



Spectrum Analysis







When an AP is in a mode in which there are two radios on A-band,ClientMatch will not try to steer or load balance clients between the two A-band radios on the same AP. This limitation also applies to access points in dual-5G mode.

Follow the procedure below to enable tri-radio mode in the WebUI,

1. In the Managed Network Node hierarchy, navigate to Configuration > AP groups.

2. Select an AP group. In the AP group > <Name of the AP group> table, select Radios and expand the Advanced accordion.

3. Under 5 GHz, enable the Split radio toggle switch.

4. Enable the Set second radio differently toggle switch to select the radio mode.

5. Select the radio mode am-mode / ap-mode / spectrum-mode from the Radio mode drop-down list.

6. Click Submit.

7. Click Pending Changes.

8. In the Pending Changes window, select the check box and click Deploy changes.

For other technical specifications, refer 550 SeriesCampus Access Points Installation Guide.