Configuring Centralized Image Upgrades

The centralized image upgrade feature uses ArubaOS images to upgrade the managed devices with the ArubaOS images hosted on an image server. When an upgrade action command is executed on the Mobility Master, the upgrademgr process running on Mobility Master sends an upgrade request to upgrademgr process running on corresponding managed devices. The managed devices then connect to the image server, validates the image file and downloads the appropriate image file. It then upgrades to the downloaded image file.

Starting from ArubaOS, IPv6 address support is added for Centralized Image Upgrade.

This section describes the following topics:

ArubaOS Help Center

Rebooting Mobility Master

Configuring Boot Parameters

Configuring Service Module Packages

Configuring Upgrade Profile of Managed Device

Configuring Upgrade Profile of Mobility Master

Scheduling Upgrade of Managed Devices and Clusters

Backing Up the Flash File System

Copying the Flash File System

Backing Up the Configuration

Restoring the Flash File System

Restoring the Configuration

Clearing the Configuration

Synchronizing the Database

Exporting the WMS Database

Importing the WMS Database

Clearing Old Entries in the WMS Database

Re-initializing the WMS Database

Rebooting an AP