Mobility Master Software Licenses

ArubaOS supports a variety of optional add-on licenses that enhance the base OS and provide advanced features such as wireless intrusion protection, advanced cryptography, policy-based traffic management and controls, web content classification, and stateful user firewalls Firewall is a network security system used for preventing unauthorized access to or from a private network..

Getting Started with ArubaOS Licenses

This topic describes ArubaOS license types and licensing features and lists the procedures to configure a licensing solution.

Learn more about Licenses and Licensing Features

Select any of the links below to view detailed information about ArubaOS license types, licensing features and examples of deployment topologies that support these features.

License Types and Usage

Centralized Licensing

ArubaOS Help Center

WebCC Operation modes

Best Practices and Limitations

Configure a Licensing Management Solution

The following sections describe the procedures to configure centralized licensing clusters and licensing pools, and to add, remove, and monitor individual licenses.

Creating and Managing Licensing Pools

ArubaOS Help Center

Adding License to Stand-alone Controller

Associating Mobility Master or Stand-alone Controller to External License Server

Removing License