Access Points

This gives an overview of the basic functions of APs, and describes the process to install and configure the APs on your network. When an AP is first installed on the network and powered on, the AP locates the managed device and the AP’s designated configuration is sent from the managed device to the AP.

APs cannot terminate either on Mobility Master or a master controller. They must terminate on managed devices only.

The default management credentials for IAP and UAP for WebUI, SSH Secure Shell. SSH is a network protocol that provides secure access to a remote device. , and console access are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: serial number of the AP

The same credentials will be used if IAPs running ArubaOS versions prior to ArubaOS are upgraded to ArubaOS and factory reset. If the IAP is part of a cluster, the username will be admin and the password will be the serial number of any of the APs in the cluster.

If the IAP is running software version prior to ArubaOS, admin would continue to be the default password.