Prerequisites to Enable AirGroup

Before enabling AirGroup The application that allows the end users to register their personal mobile devices on a local network and define a group of friends or associates who are allowed to share them. AirGroup is primarily designed for colleges and other institutions. AirGroup uses zero configuration networking to allow Apple mobile devices, such as the AirPrint wireless printer service and the AirPlay mirroring service, to communicate over a complex access network topology., complete the following prerequisites:

Complete these prerequisites only on the Mobility Master-Managed Device deployment model.

The following show commands can be executed at any specific node path. By default, these show commands execute at current node path:

show airgroupservice

show airgroup status

show airgroup vlan

show airgroup users

show airgroup servers

show airgroup switches

show airgroup cache entries

show airgroup cppm server-group

show airgroup cppm-server radius statistics

show airgroup cppm-server rfc3576 statistics