Troubleshooting and Log Messages

The following procedure describes how to prevent potential AirGroup The application that allows the end users to register their personal mobile devices on a local network and define a group of friends or associates who are allowed to share them. AirGroup is primarily designed for colleges and other institutions. AirGroup uses zero configuration networking to allow Apple mobile devices, such as the AirPrint wireless printer service and the AirPlay mirroring service, to communicate over a complex access network topology. errors:

  1. Execute the show airgroup internal-state statistics command and ensure that the Sibyte Messages Sent/Recv counters increment over a period of time.
  2. Enable mDNS Multicast Domain Name System. mDNS provides the ability to perform DNS-like operations on the local link in the absence of any conventional unicast DNS server. The mDNS protocol uses IP multicast User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets, and is implemented by the Apple Bonjour and Linux NSS-mDNS services. mDNS works in conjunction with DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD), a companion zero-configuration technique specified. See RFC 6763. logs using the logging level debugging system process mdns command, and capture the output of show log system all when the issue occurs. Review any obvious error print statements.
  3. Save the output of show airgroup cache entries and show airgroup cppm entries and look for any discrepancies.