Scheduling a Cluster Upgrade

Starting from ArubaOS, scheduled cluster upgrade allows you to schedule the upgrade to a specified time to avoid manual intervention. The cluster is upgraded automatically at the scheduled time. You can view, delete, or reschedule the scheduled cluster upgrade.

You can also schedule cluster upgrade for one or more profiles at the same time or different times.

When a Mobility Master reboots or a process restarts, this feature has the ability to preserve the configured scheduled upgrades. It also allows you to synchronize the scheduled upgrades to a standby Mobility Master. If a Mobility Master has active and standby devices configured, then the scheduled upgrade information will be synchronized between active and standby through database synchronization. The upgrade is initiated when the Mobility Master becomes active.

Key Considerations


Configuring a Scheduled Upgrade

To configure a scheduled upgrade, perform the following steps either through WebUI or CLI Command-Line Interface. A console interface with a command line shell that allows users to execute text input as commands and convert these commands to appropriate functions.:

To configure a scheduled cluster upgrade, refer to the Scheduling Upgrade of Clusters section.

To schedule a scheduled cluster upgrade:

(host) [mm] (config) #lc-cluster <cluster_prof> schedule upgrade <version> <year> <month> <day> <hh> <mm> <ss>




Cluster profile for which upgrade is scheduled


The version to which the cluster will get upgraded to


Year of the upgrade


Month of the upgrade


Day of the upgrade


Hour of the upgrade


Minutes of the upgrade


Seconds of the upgrade


(host) [mm] (config) #lc-cluster <cluster_prof> schedule upgrade version 2018 04 10 00 00 00

Viewing the Scheduled Cluster Upgrade Status

(host) [mm] #show lc-cluster scheduled-upgrades


(host) [mm] #show lc-cluster scheduled-upgrades

Cluster Scheduled Upgrade Status


Profile To Version Partition ID AP Preload size Scheduled Time MD Timezone

------- ---------- ------------ --------------- -------------- -----------

v4 Default 100 Fri Jun 8 15:00:00 2018 Asia/Tokyo

Deleting or Aborting a Scheduled Cluster Upgrade

(host) [mm] (config) #lc-cluster <cluster_prof> abort scheduled-upgrade

Rescheduling a Cluster Upgrade

(host) [mm] (config) #lc-cluster v4 re-schedule upgrade <version> <year> <month> <day> <hh> <mm> <ss>

To reschedule a cluster upgrade, the upgrade must already be scheduled.


(host) [mm] (config)#lc-cluster v4 re-schedule upgrade version 2018 6 6 0 50 0