ClearPass Policy Manager Integration

ArubaOS and ClearPass Policy Manager include support for centralized policy definition and distribution. ArubaOS now supports downloadable user roles for both wired and wireless users in cluster deployments. By using this feature, when ClearPass Policy Manager successfully authenticates a user, the user is assigned a role by ClearPass Policy Manager. If the role is not defined on the Mobility Master, the role attributes can also be downloaded automatically.

ArubaOS now provides IPv6 support for ClearPass Policy Manager downloadable user role that allows you to configure ACL Access Control List. ACL is a common way of restricting certain types of traffic on a physical port. and policy enforcement profile in the ClearPass Policy Manager. The managed device can download the user role using IPv6 address configured in RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. An Industry-standard network access protocol for remote authentication. It allows authentication, authorization, and accounting of remote users who want to access network resources.  authentication server. Hence, the managed device can now use either IPv4 or IPv6 address to download the user role from ClearPass Policy Manager.

The IPv6 address support is applicable from CPPM 6.9.0 or later versions.

This chapter contains the following sections: