AirGroup Clients

Navigate to Dashboard > Services and click AIRGROUP CLIENTS icon. The AirGroup Clients page displays the summary of all the active AirGroup clients in the managed device.See Figure 1 for AirGroup Clients page.

Figure 1  AirGroup Clients Page

Action Bar

The Action bar displays the total number of AirGroup clients depending on the filters applied. The Action bar includes action buttons namely, Show/Hide table filters, and Customize columns.

You can perform the following tasks on this page:

  • Show/Hide table filters — Click Show/Hide table filters icon to filter and list the AirGroup clients in the table that you want to view.
  • Customize columns — Click Customize columns icon to select the table columns that you want to view.


Expand a AirGroup client from the AirGroup Clients table to view the detailed information of individual AirGroup client. See Figure 2 for Details page.

Figure 2  Details Page