Navigate to Dashboard > Infrastructure and click CONTROLLERS icon. The Controllers page lists all the managed devices in the network and provides its status and health related information. See Figure 1 for Controllers page.

Figure 1  Controller Page

Action Bar

The Action bar displays the total number of controllers depending on the filters applied. The Action bar includes action buttons namely, Show/Hide table filters, and Customize columns.

You can perform the following tasks on this page:

  • Show/Hide table filters — Click Show/Hide table filters icon to filter and list the controllers in the table that you want to view.
  • Customize columns — Click Customize columns icon to select the table columns that you want to view.


Expand the controller from the Controllers table to view the detailed information of individual controller. See Figure 2 for Details page.

The Controllers table displays the following details:

  • Details — Displays detailed information about the managed device.
  • Ports — Displays the status of all the ports in the managed device.

Figure 2  Details Page