Mesh Configuration Procedures

The following topics describe the procedures required to configure your secure enterprise mesh solution:

  1. Creating and Editing Mesh Radio Profiles
  2. Creating and Editing Mesh High-Throughput SSID Profiles
  3. Configuring Mesh Cluster Profiles
  4. Configuring Mesh Clusters Associated with AP Groups
  5. Configuring Ethernet Ports for Mesh
  6. Configuring a Mesh Access List
  7. Provisioning Mesh Nodes
  8. Radio Selection for Mesh Links
  9. Verifying Your Mesh Network

Aruba strongly recommends staging mesh APs before deploying them. Identify the physical location of the APs, configure them for mesh, provision the APs and verify connectivity before physically deploying them in a live network.

If you are configuring an AP as both a remote access point and a mesh portal, see also Configuring Remote Mesh Portals