ArubaOS Services


Hotspot 2.0

This section gives an overview on Hotspot 2.0 enhanced network discovery and selection technology, and a description of each of the hotspot profile types.

Behavior and Defaults

This section helps to understand Mode Support, Basic System Defaults, Default Management Roles and Default Open Ports.

Voice and Video

This section details the steps required to configure voice and video services on the Mobility Master.

SDN Controller

This section details how the SDN Controller provides a more efficient and simple way to build, deliver, and manage features throughout the network.

Certificate Revocation

The Certificate Revocation feature enables the Mobility Master or the Managed Device to perform real-time certificate revocation checks using the OCSP, or traditional certificate validation using the CRL client.

Open Flow Agent

OpenFlow agent runs on network devices such as switches, routers, wireless controllers and APs. This interacts with a centralized SDN Controller using the OpenFlow protocol.

Automatic Reporting

The automatic reporting feature, also known as PhoneHome, allows a Mobility Master to send report events such as hardware failures, software malfunctions, and other critical events.

ClearPass Policy Manager

ClearPass Policy Manager include support for centralized policy definition and distribution. ArubaOS now supports downloadable user roles for both wired and wireless users in cluster deployments.

Loadable Service Module

The Loadable Service Module feature provides an infrastructure that allows users to dynamically upgrade or downgrade individual service modules without requiring an entire system reboot.