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Client State Synchronization

Client state synchronization allows faster client reauthentication in the event of a controller failure by synchronizing PMKPairwise Master Key. PMK is a shared secret key that is generated after PSK or 802.1X authentication. and Key cache entries between active and standby controllers. When you enable this feature, clients only need to perform a four-way key exchange to reconnect to the network (instead of performing a full authentication to the RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service. An Industry-standard network access protocol for remote authentication. It allows authentication, authorization, and accounting of remote users who want to access network resources.  server), dramatically shortening the time required for the client to reconnect.

The following section of this document describes topologies, guidelines, and limitations for this feature. To view the procedure for enabling the client state synchronization feature, see Configuring High Availability.

Feature Guidelines and Limitations

Note the following guidelines and limitations before enabling this feature in your high availability deployment: