Monitoring the Security Dashboard

The Security page of Dashboard in the WebUI, allows you to monitor the detection and protection of wireless intrusions in your network.

The dashboard’s sections — Detected Radios, Detected Clients and Events—contain data as links. When these links are clicked, they arrange, filter, and display the appropriate information in a new page.

For example, in the Detected Radio section, if you click a number on the number against Rogue, a table filters and arranges information about those classified Rogue APs in a new page. Use the scroll bar at the right to view all the Rogue APs.

The term events in this section is meant to include security threats, vulnerabilities, attacks (intrusion or Denial of Service) and other similarly related events.

Similarly, the Event section contains data links. You can click on these data links to view information, in a new page, related to the event you selected. You can use the scroll bar at the right to view all the events.