Installting Mobility Master and Managed Devices Initial Setup Peer MAC address Configuration for PSK with MAC Identify MAC Address on a Device Connect the Managed Device to Wired Network Configure Managed Devices to Support APs

ArubaOS Getting Started

This section provides an overview on how to install the Mobility Master and managed devices.

Perform the following steps to install the Mobility Master and managed devices:

  1. Launch the WebUI or Console Setup Wizard to configure the managed device.
  2. Connect the managed device to the wired network.
  3. Configure the managed device to the Mobility Master. The Mobility Master - Managed Device topology or stand-alone controller topology is supported.
  4. If it is a stand-alone controller deployment, installing the Mobility Master is not required.
  5. Install and connect your APs to the network.

Setting up Your Devices

Get started with setting up the Mobility Master, Managed Device or Stand-alone Controller. See the illustration below and follow the instructions.