show ap power-mgmt-statistics

show ap power-mgmt-statistics


This command displays the power consumption information of the AP. Use this command to view the power derived and used by the AP, the status of IPM and ITM functions among other power consumption statistics.


The following example displays the output of the show ap power-mgmt-statistics command.

show ap power-mgmt-statistics


Attr Value

---- -----

LLDP Granted Power Eth 0: 25.0 Eth 1: 0.0

LLDP Request Power Eth 0: 25.5 Eth 1: 0.0

Power Supply POE-AT

USB Status USB Knob: Auto, USB Status: Enabled

PSE Status N.A.

ETH Status Eth 0:Enabled. Eth 1:Enabled.

Radio 0 Chain 4*4

Radio 0 Enable Enabled

Radio 0 Power Full Power

Radio 1 Chain 2*2

Radio 1 Enable Enabled

Radio 1 Power Full Power

Radio 2 Chain N.A.

Radio 2 Enable N.A.

Radio 2 Power N.A.

CPU Throttle 100%

Power Consumption 11.5W

IPM Enable Disabled

ITM Status Not Supported

Command History




Command introduced.