What's New in ArubaOS

This section lists the commands introduced, modified, or deprecated in ArubaOS

New Commands in ArubaOS

The following commands were introduced in ArubaOS



show ap roamcache

This command displays the preroam cache entry in a tabular format.

show ddns

This command displays the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) status of the AP and the list of DDNS clients.

show ddns clients

This command displays the A record (host) updates and Pointer Record (PTR) updates sent by the DDNS client list.


This command displays the multicast group membership table.


This command displays multicast PIM statistics on a Gateway device.


This command displays the parameters configured under packet-capture configuration.

Deprecated Commands in ArubaOS

The following commands were deprecated in ArubaOS

  • show airgroup server [verbose]

  • show ap arm client-match history

  • show ap arm client-match pending

  • show ap arm client-match summary advanced

  • show ap arm client-match unsupported

  • show ap debug sta-msg-stats

  • show ap essid

  • show ap image-preload status all

  • show ap license-usage

  • show datapath acl all

  • show datapath acl-allocation

  • show datapath dmo-session

  • show dhcps config

  • show ip interface tunnel

  • show l2tpv3 config

  • show l2tpv3 system statistics

  • show l2tpv3 tunnel config

  • show l2tpv3 tunnel status

  • show lc-cluster exclude vlan

  • show lc-cluster scheduled-upgrades

  • show malloc-state-dumps

  • show wan pce-table

  • show whitelist-db cpsec-master-switch-list