configuration device

configuration device

default-node <node-path>

file <mac address>

<mac-address> device-model {A7005|A7008|A7010|A7024|A7030|A7205|A7210|A7220|A7240|A7240XM|A7280|MC-VA} [<config-path>]|move-to[<dest-path>][<mac-address-2>]


This command maps a device to an existing node in the configuration hierarchy.

The node to which the device is mapped is specified by the node-path, which can be an absolute path from the root node or relative path from the current node. If the node-path is not specified, the device is mapped to the current node. A device-specific node is created to store the configuration for the device. The node is named using the specified MAC address of the device.

Use the show configuration devices command to view the complete list of devices provisioned on your Mobility Conductor, and the show configuration node-hierarchy command to view the list of all nodes in the configuration hierarchy.



default-node <node-path>

Specifies the node to which any device without explicit device-node mapping is attached. If a default node is not configured, unknown devices cannot connect to Mobility Conductor.


Use file for initially configuring the node


MAC address of the device to be added.


MAC address of a device that must be mapped to a node in the configuration hierarchy.


Model number for the device:

  • A7005
  • A7008
  • A7010
  • A7024
  • A7030
  • A7205
  • A7210
  • A7220
  • A7240
  • A7240XM
  • A7280
  • MC-VA


Full configuration path to which the device is mapped. If the path is not specified, the device is mapped to the current node.

move-to <dest-path>

Moves the device to the specified configuration path of the destination node.


MAC address of the destination node in the configuration hierarchy.


The following command specifies /md as the default node:

(host) [mynode] (config) #configuration device default-node /md

Command History




The A7280option was added under the device-model parameter.


The following parameters were added:

  • move-to
  • dest-path
  • mac-address-2


Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system.

Config mode on Mobility Conductor.