mobility-manager <A.B.C.D>

user <word> <string>

auth-prot {md5 | sha} <string>

priv-prot {AES | DES} <string>

interval <secs>

retrycount <count>

rtls <rtls-portnumber>

trap-version {1 | 2c | 3}

udp-port <portnumber>


Use the command to allow a managed device to communicate with a mobility manager server (MMS). To configure a username and password for the managed device to communicate with MMS, execute the following command:

(host) [mm] (config) #mobility-manager user testUN1 testUN1

The interval time, retry count, RTLS port number, and UDP port number are optional parameters that can be configured using the mobility-manager command.

If you try to configure a third mobility manager server, the following message is displayed:

Maximum number of 2 MMS servers already configured.




Configures the IP address of the mobility manager server for the managed device to communicate with.

user <word> <string>

Configures the username and password to communicate with MMS.

Range: Username: string of length 1–31,

Range: Password: string of length 1–31

auth-prot {md5 | sha} <string>

Configures authentication protocol of the user with password.

md5: HMAC-MD5-96 Digest Authentication Protocol

sha: HMAC-SHA-96 Digest Authentication Protocol

<string> : Authentication Password 8-31 bytes

priv-prot {AES | DES} <string>

Configures the privacy protocol of the user with password.

AES: CFB128-AES-128 Symmetric Encryption Protocol

DES: CBC-DES Symmetric Encryption Protocol

<string> : Authentication Password 8-31 bytes

interval <secs>

Configures the time it takes for a UDP packet to travel to and from the trap server (round-trip time). This value indicates the timeout.

Range: 0–65535

retrycount <count>

Configures the maximum number of retries allowed to authenticate with MMS.

Range: 0–256

rtls <rtls-portnumber>

Configures the UDP port number for RTLS data collection.

Range: string of length 1–256

Default: 8000

trap-version {1 | 2c | 3}

Configures trap server's SNMP version.

Range: 1, 2c, or 3

udp-port <portnumber>

Configures trap server's UDP port number.

Range: 1–65535

Default: 162


The following command is an example to configure MMS and allow a managed device to communicate with it:

(host) [mm] (config) #mobility-manager user testUN1 testUN1 auth-prot md5 authpswd interval 250

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