show configuration

show configuration [committed <node-path> | counters platform-capability | datastore {[committed | default | detail | inherited | json | local | node-hierarchy | non-default | object | pending | stats | system | user]} | devices | diff | effective | failure | filtered | node-hierarchy | partial | pending | profile-committed | received | setup-dialog <macaddr> | similar | state | system-commands | unsaved-nodes]


This command shows the saved configuration on the controller. Execute this command to view the entire configuration saved on the controller, including all profiles, ACLs, and interface settings.



committed [<node-path>]

Shows committed configuration of the configuration node.

counters platform-capability

Shows internal counters at the node and platform capability-based information.


[committed | default | detail |inherited | json | local | node-hierarchy | non-default | object <objname> [detail | json | <node-path>] | pending | stats | system |user] [<node-path>]

Shows datastore configuration.

devices [debug | <node-path>]

Shows devices list and nodes mapped to it.

diff <conf1> <conf2>
[context | json]

Shows the difference between two configuration items.

New commands are prefixed with a plus, deleted commands are prefixed with a minus.

effective [detail | <node-path>]

Shows effective configuration of devices connected to the node.

failure [all | migration
{[config-node | device]}| replace-config | <A.B.C.D>]

Shows the configuration errors.


Show configuration downgraded to other versions.

node-hierarchy [debug]

Shows the configuration node hierarchy.

partial [<node-path>]

Shows incremental configuration changes between last two commits.

pending [<node-path>]

Shows pending configuration of the configuration node.

profile-committed [<node-path>]

Shows committed configuration of profiles at this node.


Shows the received configuration from Mobility Conductor.

setup-dialog <macaddr>

Shows the setup-dialog configuration of the device.

similar <conf1> conf2> [json]

Shows the common configuration between two configuration items.

state pending [<node-path>]

Shows the configuration state information.

system-commands {committed | pending} [<node-path>]

Shows system or hidden commands at the configuration node.


Shows the list of unsaved configuration nodes.


The following example shows part of the output for this command.

(host) [mynode] #show configuration

version 8.0

country US

logging level warnings security subcat ids

logging level warnings security subcat ids-ap


general poll-interval 60000

general poll-retries 3

general stat-update enable

general ap-ageout-interval 30

general sta-ageout-interval 30

general learn-ap disable

general persistent-known-interfering enable


adp discovery

adp igmp-join

adp igmp-vlan 0




Related Commands



configuration device

This command maps a device to an existing node in the configuration hierarchy.

configuration node

This command configures nodes in the configuration hierarchy.

Command History




The following changes were introduced:

All instances of master have been replaced with conductor.


The following parameters were added:

  • filtered
  • received
  • setup-dialog


Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system.

Enable and Config modes on Mobility Conductor.