show license client-table

show license client-table


Execute this command from the CLI of a managed device to view license limits applied to that managed device from its licensing pool.


The following example displays output of the show license client-table command.

(host)[node] #show license client-table

Built-in limit: 0

License Client Table


Service Type System Limit Server Lic. Used Lic. Remaining Lic. FeatureBit

------------ ------------ ----------- --------- -------------- ----------

Access Points 499 250 10 240 enabled

Next Gen PEF Module 499 250 10 240 enabled

RF Protect 499 0 0 0 disabled

Adv Cryptography 999999 0 0 0 disabled

WebCC 499 250 10 240 enabled

MM-VA 500 495 5 495 enabled

MC-VA-RW 499 0 0 0 enabled

MC-VA-EG 499 0 0 0 enabled

MC-VA-IL 499 0 0 0 enabled

MC-VA-JP 499 0 0 0 enabled

MC-VA-US 499 0 0 0 enabled

VIA 499 0 0 0 enabled

The output of this command includes the following data columns:



Service Type

Type of license on the managed device.

System Limit

The maximum number of licenses supported by the man platform.

Server Lic.

Number of licenses available for use by the licensing client.

NOTE: This number is limited by the total license capacity of the managed device platform. A managed device cannot use more licenses than is supported by that managed device platform, even if additional license are available.

Used Lic.

Total number of licenses of each license type used by the managed device.

Remaining Lic.

Total number of remaining licenses available in the licensing pool.

Feature Bit

This column indicates whether these license features are enabled or disabled. For more information about enabling a sharable license, see license-pool-profile-root.

Related Commands



show license aggregate

This command is used to view additional statistics for the licenses in each license pool.

Command History




The output of this command displays information for VIA licenses introduced in ArubaOS


Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system.

Enable and Config mode on managed devices.