show license heartbeat stats

show license heartbeat stats


Display the license heartbeat statistics between the centralized licensing server and the license client. If your deployment uses the centralized licensing feature, issue this command from the CLI of a centralized licensing server to view heartbeat requests to and responses from each licensing client associated to that licensing server. If you issue this command from a licensing client, the output displays information for that one client only.


The following example displays output of the show license heartbeat stats command issued from the licensing server.

(host)[node] #show license heartbeat stats

License Client Heartbeat Table


Server IP Address Mac Addr HB Req HB Resp Total Missed Last Update (secs. ago)

----------------- -------- ------ ------- ------------ ----------------------- 00:0c:29:bb:0f:8f 13843 13836 7 2

License Server Heartbeat Table


Client IP Address Mac Addr HB Req HB Resp Total Missed Last Update (secs. ago)

----------------- -------- ------ ------- ------------ ----------------------- 00:1a:1e:00:d9:40 13844 13843 1 28

The output of this command includes the following data columns for License Heartbeat Table and License Server Heartbeat Table:



Server IP address

IPv4 or IPv6 address of the licensing client.

Mac Addr

MAC address of the licensing client.

HB Req

Heartbeat requests sent from the licensing client.

HB Resp

Heartbeat responses received from the license server.

Total Missed

Total number of heartbeats that were not received by the licensing client.

Last Update

Number of seconds elapsed since the licensing client last sent a heartbeat request.

Related Commands



show license aggregate

View additional statistics for license usage on the licensing server master/ conductor .

Command History




The command output also displayed IPv6 address information in IP Address parameter.


Command introduced.

Command Information



Command Mode

All platforms

Base operating system

Enable mode on centralized licensing master/ conductor or licensing client controllers.