crypto pki-remove

crypto pki-remove

cert all

cert-type < PublicCert| ServerCert| TrustedCA| ClientCert> certname <certname>


This command allows you to remove certificates on the Instant AP. In Instant clusters, certificates can only be removed on the master AP. Certificates cannot be removed on the AP if they are assigned to an application. Therefore, ensure that the certificate is disassociated from the application before attempting to remove it.



cert all

Removes all certificates on the AP. This command will not take effect if any of the certificate is assigned to an application.

cert-type { PublicCert| ServerCert| TrustedCA| ClientCert}

Specify the certificate type.

Range: PublicCert, ServerCert, TrustedCA, ClientCert

certname <certname>

Specify the name of the certificate. This name will be used to assign the certificate to an application.


The following command removes the server certificate named PrimaryRadius on the Instant AP:

(Instant AP)# crypto pki-remove cert-type ServerCert certname PrimaryRadius

Related Commands



crypto pki-import

Imports and installs certificates on the AP.

show ap checksum

Displays the number of certificates installed on the AP.

show cert assignment

Displays the list of certificates assigned to applications on the AP.

wlan cert-assignment-profile

Configures installed certificates for specific applications.

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Aruba Instant

Command introduced.

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All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode.