mesh-cluster <cluster_name> wpa2-psk <cluster_key> priority <cluster_priority>


This command configures a new mesh cluster profile on the Instant AP with a passphrase and a priority. In the configuration mode, you can create up to 16 mesh cluster profiles, including the default mesh cluster profile. Use this command when you choose to configure multiple mesh cluster profiles on an Instant AP to enable failover to the next high priority cluster.




Configures a mesh cluster profile. Enter a name for the mesh cluster profile.

Range: 8–32 characters


Configures a WPA2 PSK passphrase as the cluster key.

Range: 8–64 characters


Configures the priority of the mesh cluster profile. If more than two mesh cluster profiles are configured, mesh points use this number to identify primary and backup profile(s). The supported range of values is 1–15. The lower the number, the higher the priority.

Range: 1—15


The following example configures multiple mesh cluster profiles on an Instant AP

(Instant AP)(config)# mesh-cluster cluster_1 wpa2-psk ade23d343 priority 1

(Instant AP)(config)# mesh-cluster cluster_2 wpa2-psk sidq87dqu priority 2

(Instant AP)(config)# mesh-cluster cluster_3 wpa2-psk sdygeg28g priority 3

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