show ap checksum

show ap checksum


This command displays the checksums if they are the same between master AP and the slave AP.


The following example shows the output of show ap checksum command:

(Instant AP)# show ap checksum

Cfg :1559083477

Radius Cert :0

Radius Psk :0

Radius CA :0

Radsec Cert :0

Radsec Psk :0

Radsec CA :0

Web UI cert :0

Web UI key :0

CP cert :0

CP key :0

CP logo :0

Datatunnel Cert :0

Datatunnel Psk :0

Datatunnel CA :0

DHCP Option82 XML :0

Custom AWC CA from Activate :4064146648

Custom AWC CA from Airwave :0

Default ClearPass CA :0

ClearPass CA :0

WebCC CA :0

Resource files :0

Checksum :26667

Audit Checksum :0

Download role :0

Import cert :0

CA bundle :0

Calc time :2020-05-17 19:51:01

Command History



Aruba Instant

The number of imported certificates and WebCC certificates on the AP were added to the output of this command.

Aruba Instant

Command introduced.

Command Information


Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode