Cluster Upgrade Overview

The Cluster Upgrade page automates the upgrade procedure for a Policy Manager cluster. When the upgrade is initiated, no manual actions are required until the publisher and all selected subscriber nodes have been upgraded. The Cluster Upgrade page can be used to upgrade Policy Manager 6.5.3, 6.5.7, and 6.6.x systems to Policy Manager 6.10. It cannot be used to upgrade to an earlier version of the Cluster Upgrade tool.

If you have an earlier version of the Cluster Upgrade Tool already installed, you can install this version directly over the earlier version of the tool; no cleanup steps are needed.

Cluster Upgrade Process Overview

These tasks summarize the high-level cluster upgrade process:

1. Download the upgrade image from the Software Updates page.

2. Initiate the Upgrade procedure (see Upgrading the Cluster).

The Cluster Upgrade tool automatically performs the upgrade.

3. After the upgrade, verify that the publisher and all subscriber nodes in the cluster are back in sync and all services are accessible (see Viewing Upgrade Status).


Cloning a virtual machine to facilitate a Policy Manager deployment is not recommended or supported.