Configuring NetEvents Targets

NetEvents are a collection of information regarding various ClearPass Policy Manager users, endpoints, guests, authentications, accounting details, and so on. This information is periodically posted to a server that is configured as the NetEvents target. If Policy Manager Insight is enabled on a ClearPass Policy Manager server (see Enabling Insight and Specifying a Primary Insight Node), it will receive net events from all other server nodes within the same Policy Manager cluster.

If you want to post these details to an external server that can aggregate these events or to an external dedicated Policy Manager Insight server for multiple Policy Manager clusters, you have to configure an external NetEvents Target.

To configure an external NetEvents Target:

1. Navigate to the Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration page.

Figure 1  NetEvents Target Link on Server Configuration Page

2. Click the NetEvents Targets link.

The NetEvents Targets configuration dialog opens.

Figure 2  NetEvents Targets Configuration Dialog

3. Specify the NetEvents Targets parameters as described in the following table, then click Save:

Table 1: NetEvents Targets Parameters



Target URL Uniform Resource Locator. URL is a global address used for locating web resources on the Internet.

Enter the HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The HTTP is an application protocol to transfer data over the web. The HTTP protocol defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and the actions that the w servers and browsers should take in response to various commands. URL for the service that supports posting to the NetEvents target and requires authentication using username and password.

To specify an external Insight server, use the following Target URL:

https://<Policy Manager-IP-address>netwatch/netevents


Enter the Policy Manager admin credentials configured for authentication for the HTTP service that is provided in the Target URL.

Reset button

Resets the values entered in this configuration dialog.

Delete button

Deletes the specified Target URL.