About Policy Manager Insight

This section presents an overview of Policy Manager Insight.


Policy Manager Insight is an application for use with ClearPass Policy Manager that is capable of aggregating data from multiple Policy Manager appliances that contain archived network access logs.

You can access each application within the Policy Manager suite with a single login. You need only sign in once for access to Policy Manager, Insight, Onboard, and Guest. For more information, see Launching Insight below. Insight supports the following features:

Customizable dashboard "widgets" allow you view the specific kinds of information you need to monitor and understand what is occurring on the network. You can create customized dashboards to track detailed authentication records, audit trails, and details on network-access trends (see About the Insight Dashboard).

The Insight Search feature allows you to search for clients, users, Policy Manager servers, and network access devices (see Searching the Insight Database).

Customized reports analyze authentication information, device profiling, client health, licensing and posture data, as well as guest and BYOD Bring Your Own Device. BYOD refers to the use of personal mobile devices within an enterprise network infrastructure. use cases (for details, see Creating Reports and Insight Report Categories).

Alerts allow you to receive near-real-time messages regarding anomalous network activity. Alerts can be delivered via SMS Short Message Service. SMS refers to short text messages (up to 140 characters) sent and received through mobile phones. or email notification to multiple recipients. Monitor a user watchlist (a list of VIPs, executives or devices that warrant special tracking) for authentication failures or other key events (see Creating Alerts).

This chapter also provides information on how to configure operational elements about file transfers, as well as database and report data retention (see Administration Operations).

Enabling Insight and Specifying a Primary Insight Node

Before you can use Insight, you must enable it on the current Policy Manager server. If multiple nodes in a cluster have Insight enabled, one node should be configured as an Insight MasterPrimary server.


Insight Reports, Alerts, and Administration settings can be configured on a primary Insight node only. To be able to generate a report, enabling the node as an Insight primary server(even in a single-node cluster) is mandatory.

To enable Insight :

1. Navigate to Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration.

2. From the list of Policy Manager servers, click the server on which you want to enable Insight.

The Server Configuration > System page opens.

Figure 1  Server Configuration > System Page

a. Enable Insight: Select this check box to enable Policy Manager Insight on the current server.

b. Enable as Insight Primary Server: Select this check box to specify this server as an Insight primary server.


To enable replication of Insight configurations across a cluster, you must configure one Policy Manager server in the cluster as an Insight primarynode.

3. Click Save.

Launching Insight

To launch Policy Manager Insight:

1. Use one of the following methods to launch Policy Manager Insight.

Log in to Policy Manager, and then select Insight in the Dashboard > Applications widget. This opens Insight in a new tab.

Access Policy Manager by pointing the browser to https://<Policy Manager-host-name>/tips, then select the ClearPass Insight link (see Figure 2).

Point the browser to https://<Policy Manager-host-name>/insight.

2. Enter the default username and password, then click Login to launch Insight.

Figure 2 displays the Policy Manager Access page:

Figure 2  Policy Manager Access Page

Special Characters Supported in Passwords for All ClearPass Modules

The special characters that are supported in passwords for all ClearPass modules (Policy Manager, ClearPass Guest, ClearPass OnGuard, ClearPass Onboard, and ClearPass Insight) are described in the following table:

Table 1: Special Characters Supported for Policy Manager Module Passwords

Special Character



Plus sign










Equal sign


Question mark