Searching the Insight Database

About Insight Search

Use the Insight Search feature to query the Insight database.

You can search for the following entities:

Endpoint IP address (Framed-IP-Address)

Clients by MAC Media Access Control. A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on a network. address, hostname, or IP address

User name

Policy Manager servers by name or IP address

Network access devices by name or IP address

You can add clients and users to the Watchlist from Search results. For details, see Adding or Removing Users from the Watchlist. The Insight Search window is always available at the top of every page.


Search works on all pages except the Report Configuration and Alert Configuration pages.

Figure 1  Search Window

Search Example

Let's take the example of searching for an endpoint hostname:

1. Start entering the endpoint hostname into the Search window. As you type in the endpoint hostname, Insight Search may discover that there are multiple entities with the same initial characters (see Figure 2).

Figure 2  Search Locating Matching Entities

2. To locate the desired entity:

a. Click on the suggestion and see which entity you are looking for from the list displayed.

b. Or refine your search by typing more characters to further specify the search entity.

In this example, the MAC address is identified as an Endpoint.

Figure 3  Locating and Identifying the Search Object

3. Select the search object. The endpoint hostname report is automatically displayed in an endpoint details page(see Figure 4). For more information about the data displayed in an endpoint details page, see Viewing Endpoints Details.

Figure 4  Report of Search Result