cluster set-communication-mode

cluster set-communication-mode <ipv4/ipv6>


This command sets the cluster communication mode to either IPv4 or IPv6.

Cluster configuration operations support IPv4 or IPv6 communication depending on the defined Cluster Communication Mode.

If set to IPv6, cluster replication, database connections and internal API Application Programming Interface. Refers to a set of functions, procedures, protocols, and tools that enable users to build application software. calls specific to the cluster operations listed above will use an IPv6 address, or otherwise use IPv4.

The default Cluster Communication Mode depends on the IP address configured on the node at the time of an upgrade or install. If the node has only an IPv6 address, the default Cluster Communication Mode will be IPv6.

In case both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are configured, or if only an IPv4 address is configured, the default Cluster Communication Mode is IPv4.



Cluster Communication Mode

IPv4 or IPv6


The following example sets the cluster communication mode to IPv6:

[appadmin]# cluster set-communication-mode ipv6

Command History



ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9.0

Command Introduced