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Operator Logins Configuration

You are able to configure a message on the login screen that will be displayed to all operators. This must be written in HTML. You may also use template code to further customize the appearance and behavior of the login screen.

To modify these configuration parameters, go to Administration > Operator Logins > Login Configuration. The Operator Logins Configuration formInteractive page in the application where users can provide or modify data. opens.

Operator Login UI Area

If you are deploying ClearPass GuestConfigurable ClearPass application for secure visitor network access management. Access permissions to ClearPass Guest features are controlled through an operator profile that can be integrated with an LDAP server or Active Directory login. The ClearPass Guest application can be accessed either directly or through Policy Manager. in a multi-lingual environment, options in the Operator Login UI area of the form let you specify different login messages depending on the currently selected language.

Figure 1  The Operator Logins Configuration Form, Operator Login UI Area

Table 1: Operator Logins Configuration Form, Operator Login UI Area



Login Message

(Required) HTML for the message that will be displayed in the header of the operator loginConfiguration defining a ClearPass Guest operator's roles and access privileges. screen. You can also use the drop-down list to add images or other content items or links (content items must first have been uploaded in Content Manager).

Login Footer

HTML for the message that will be displayed in the footer of the operator login screen. You can also use the drop-down list to add images or other content items or links (content items must first have been uploaded in Content Manager).

Login Skin

Specifies the skinA Web site’s visual appearance, or “look and feel.” It can be thought of as a container that holds the application, its layout, style sheet (font size and color for example), header and footer, and so forth. for the operator login screen. Options include:

* (Default)
* Aruba ClearPassAccess Management System for creating and enforcing policies across a network to all devices and applications. The ClearPass integrated platform includes Policy Manager, Guest, Onboard, OnGuard, Insight, Profile, AirGroup, MACTrac, and QuickConnect. Skin
* Blank Skin
* ClearPass Guest Skin
* Custom Skin 1
* Custom Skin 2
* Galleria Skin
* Galleria Skin 2

The following example of a custom login message from the demonstration site uses Danish (da), Spanish (es), and the default language English, as highlighted in bold:

{if $current_language == 'da'}
Indtast brugernavn og password for at <br>
få adgang til ClearPass Guest
Kontakt <a href="">Airwire</a> (Norden) for at få demoadgang
{elseif $current_language == 'es'}

Para entrar en el web demo de ClearPass Guest,<br>
necesitas un nombre y contraseña.
Si no tienes un login, puedes obtener uno<br>
<a href="">contactando con Aruba Networks</a>.
The ClearPass Guest demo site <br>
requires a username and password.
If you don’t have a login, <br>
<a href="">contact Aruba Networks</a> to obtain one.
<br clear="all">

Advanced Options Area

The Advanced Options area lets you configure such things as logging levels, service handler ranking, and sessionService provided by a NAS to an authorized user. parameters.

Figure 2  The Operator Logins Configuration Form, Advanced Options Area

Table 2: Operator Logins Configuration Form, Advanced Options Area




Specifies the level of logging to use when the application is accessed. Log messages for operator logins, whether successful or unsuccessful, are shown in the application log. Options include:

* No logging
* Log only failed operator login attempts
* Log only Web logins
* Log only XMLRPC access
* Log all access

ClearPass Operator Priority

The priority rank of the service handler for authenticationVerification of a user’s credentials, typically a username and password. of ClearPass operators. Lower numbers represent higher priorities.

Logout After

Amount of idle time, in hours, after which an operatorPerson who uses ClearPass Guest to create guest accounts or perform system administration. Operators act as sponsors for visitor access.’s session will be ended. You can use fractional numbers for values less than an hour; for example, use 0.25 to specify a 15 minute idle timeout.

When this fieldIn a database or a user interface, a single item of information; attribute. is set to the default value of zero, ClearPass Guest will use the value that is configured in ClearPass Policy ManagerClearPass Policy Manager is the main application of the ClearPass access management platform, and is used to create and enforce policies across a network for all devices and applications. Policy Manager also includes links to Guest, Insight, and Onboard. OnGuard and Profile features and some AirGroup configuration items are included within the Policy Manager user interface. for the Admin Session Idle Timeout clusterGroup of independent servers connected through a dedicated network that act as a single system, allowing high availability and load balancing. Resources in a cluster are dynamically assigned. See also publisher, subscriber.-wide parameter.

If a cumulative patch is applied, this field will retain the value it had before the patch.

Session Checking

Specifies the amount of validity checking to perform on operator login sessions at each page load. Higher settings reduce performance. Options include:

* No checking
* Check operator is enabled
* Full checking

Check Interval

Minimum interval in seconds between checks of a session’s validity.

Save Changes

Saves your changes to the login configuration.