Activating an Application License

Online Activation

Offline Activation: Creating a Case to Receive the Activation Key

After you add or update an application license, it must be activated. Adding or updating an application license enables the Applications tab on the Licensing page.

Online Activation

To activate the application licenses on the current ClearPass server:

1. Navigate to Administration > Server Manager > Licensing.

The Licensing page opens to the License Summary page.

2. Select the Applications tab.

The new application licenses are listed. The Activation Status column shows a red circle next to the keyword Activate.

Figure 1  ClearPass Application Licenses Ready to Be Activated

3. Click Activate.

The Activate License page opens.

Figure 2  Activate License Page

4. In the Online Activation section, click Activate Now.

The selected application license is now activated. The Applications tab > Activation Status column shows a green circle next to the keyword Activated.

Figure 3  Application License Activated

Offline Activation: Creating a Case to Receive the Activation Key

If you are not connected to the Internet, you must submit a case through the HP Enterprise My Networking portal:

1. In the Offline Activation section, click Download to download an activation request token from the Policy Manager server.
2. Go to the My Networking Portal and log in.
3. Click the Support link.
4. Click Open/View Case.

This will show all the cases you have submitted to Support.

5. Click Open a New Case.

The Case Submission form is displayed.

6. In the Case Submission > Problem Details section, complete all the fields in the Case Submission form as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4  My Networking > Case Submission Form

7. To attach the activation token from ClearPass, click Browse and select the activation request token.
8. Click Create a case.

Figure 5  Create a Case Button

9. The Support team will activate the token and send you the activation key.
10. To locate the activation key file on your system, click Browse, then click Upload.