Associating a RADIUS Service Certificate with a Service

The Service Certificates feature allows you to create multiple RADIUS service certificates (for details, see Service Certificates). Once you create the RADIUS service certificates you need, you can associate a service certificate with a specific ClearPass service. This creates a virtual mapping between a ClearPass service and a RADIUS service certificate.

To associate a service certificate with a specific ClearPass service:

1. Navigate to Configuration > Services.

The Services page opens.

Figure 1  Services Page

2. From the Services page, click Add.

The Add Services page opens.

Figure 2  Add Services Page

3. From the Type drop-down, select the type of service you want to add.
4. Enter the name of the new service.
5. Select the Authentication tab.

The Add Services > Authentication tab opens.

Figure 3  Selecting a Service Certificate

6. Select the Authentication Method.
7. Specify the Authentication Source.
8. Select the Service Certificate you want to associate with this service.
9. To view the details, click View Certificate Details.

The View Certificate Details window opens.

Figure 4  Viewing the Service Certificate Details

10. Click Close, then click Save.

You return to the Services page. The following message is displayed:

Service "<service_name>" has been added.

11. Repeat this procedure for each service with which you want associate a service certificate.