Cluster Update Overview

The Cluster Update page automates the process of updating the Policy Manager cluster with Patch and Skin releases. The cluster publisher is updated first. You can select one or more subscribers to be updated automatically after the publisher update is complete.

After you initiate the Cluster Update, no manual actions are required until the publisher and all the selected subscribers have been updated.

The Cluster Update performs the following actions:

Copies the update image to the selected subscribers.

subscribers copy the update image over an HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is a variant of the HTTP that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure socket layer or transport layer security protocol connection. connection from the publisher.

If you want to avoid the copy operation on one or more subscribers, log in to the subscriber and trigger a download of the update image in the Software Update page. Alternatively, upload the update image through the Software Update page before initiating the cluster update.

The publisher is updated and rebooted (reboot is initiated only if it is mandatory).

After the publisher update completes, the Cluster Update page is accessible again to review progress and log messages.

The Cluster Update is now initiated on the selected subscribers; after completion, the subscribers are rebooted (reboot is initiated only if it is mandatory).

Where possible, multiple subscribers are updated in parallel.

After all selected subscribers have been updated, you can select and trigger a Cluster Update for any additional subscribers.

Time Required for Subscriber Update

The time required for a subscriber update depends on the following factors:

Hardware or virtual appliance model. In the case of virtual machine installations, update times vary significantly based on the I/O per second performance of your virtual machine infrastructure.

For subscribers, bandwidth and latency of the network link between the subscriber and publisher.