Policy Manager Device Profiler Overview

The Policy Manager Device Profiler is a Policy Manager module that automatically classifies endpoints using attributes obtained from software components called collectors. Policy Manager Device Profiler associates an endpoint with a specific user or location and offers an efficient and accurate way to differentiate access by endpoint type (for example, a laptop or tablet). Device profiling allows you to gather device type and operating system information by inspecting packets that are sent by these devices in the network. For example, you can identify that a device is a smart device, a laptop, a printer, or IP phone. You can use this information to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYODBring Your Own Device. BYOD refers to the use of personal mobile devices within an enterprise network infrastructure.) flows during enforcement, assigning the appropriate privileges and access to users based on their device type and the identity of the user.


Starting with Policy Manager 6.9.0, Policy Manager does not support the Device Profiler feature on IPv6 networks.