Configuring Common Services Using Service Templates

ClearPass Policy Manager Service templates provide a way to step through the service-creation process for the most common use cases, allowing you to easily create services and configure their specific components, such as role-mapping policies, enforcement policies, and associated network devices. Other service types that are used less frequently can be configured manually, or using the service wizards.

Using Templates to Create Policy Manager Services

You can use templates to create services for common use cases for by defining baseline policies and required data:

1. Navigate to the Configuration > Service Templates & Wizards page. The following page opens:

Figure 1  Service Templates & Wizards Page (Partial View)

2. Select the desired service template. The configuration dialog for the selected service template opens, as shown in the following example:

Figure 2  Aruba Wireless with MPSK Template

3. Fill in the various fields that are presented in the templates—Policy Manager then creates the configuration elements that are needed for that particular service.

List of Provided Service Templates

Refer to the following descriptions of the Policy Manager service templates for configuration details:

802.1X Wired, 802.1X Wireless, and Aruba 802.1X Wireless Service Template

Aruba Auto Sign-On Service Template

Aruba VPN Access with Posture Checks Service Template

Aruba Wireless with MAC Authentication with Device Registration Service Template

Aruba Wireless with MPSK Service Template

ArubaOS-Switch MAC Authentication with Device Registration Service Template

Certificate/Two-Factor Authentication for Policy Manager Application Login Service Template

Policy Manager Admin Access Service Template

Policy Manager Admin SSO Login (SAML SP Service) Service Template

Cloud Identity/Social Media Authentication Service Template

Policy Manager Identity Provider (SAML IdP Service) Service Template

Device MAC Authentication Service Template

Eduroam Service Template

Encrypted Wireless Access via 802.1X Public PEAP Method Service Template

Guest Access Service Template

Guest Access Web Login Service Template

Guest Authentication with MAC Caching Service Template

OAuth2 API User Access Service Template

Onboard Service Template

Onboard Services Only Service Template

Using Wizards to Create ClearPass Services

Although Policy Manager includes templates to define services for the most common use cases, you can manually configure services for any of the other supported service types using service Wizards, or by manually creating your services on the Configuration > Services > Add page.

For more information on wizards and the procedures to manually define these other service types, see Configuring Other Policy Manager Services.