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Profiler and Network Discovery

The following new features are introduced in ClearPass Profiler and Network Discovery in the 6.6.3 release:

* Support for Profiler rules based on Host:Services (operator contains substring) as identified by Nmap is now supported. (#36167)
* ClearPass can now act as a flow collector to identify endpoint open port information for profiling. Supported versions are NetFlow V5, V9 and IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX). (#36285)
* Support has been added to fetch service and process information using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) from domain-joined Windows Devices. Active and inactive services and processes can now be viewed in either Policy Manager or Insight. To use this feature: (#36427, #36491, #36492)
- First, go to the Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration > Cluster-Wide Parameters > Profiler tab, and set the Parameter Value to TRUE for the new Enable Endpoint Posture scan using WMI parameter. This step enables fetching the information about the services and processes running on the endpoint during a subnet scan, network discovery, or OnConnect Enforcement.
- The fetched information can then be viewed in the user interface. To view it in Policy Manager, go to the Configuration > Identity > Endpoints > Edit Endpoint > Fingerprints tab and review the Active Services, Inactive Services, and Processes information. To view it in Insight, enter the MAC address in the search field and then review the Active Services List, Inactive Services List, and Processes information in the OnGuard widget.