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Aruba ClearPass Device Insightis a cloud application that enables network and security administrators to discover, monitor, and automatically classify new and existing devices that connect to a network. You can identify devices that include loT devices, medical devices, printers, smart devices, laptops, VoIP Voice over IP. VoIP allows transmission of voice and multimedia content over an IP network. phones, computers, gaming consoles, routers, servers, switches, and so on.

This section includes the following topics:

Key Features

Some of the key features of ClearPass Device Insight are:

How It Works

The following diagram illustrates a high-level overview of ClearPass Device Insight:

Figure 1  ClearPass Device Insight High-Level Overview

To use ClearPass Device Insight you deploy one or more collectors on your network. These collectors can be physical or virtual appliances. After you deploy these collectors, they automatically start to detect the different devices on the network and collect various information about these devices using passive collection methods (SPAN and DHCP).

To enhance device discovery, ClearPass Device Insight provides Discovery Settings pages where you can configure additional settings for these collectors. Using these pages you can:

  • Define additional active collection methods (WMI, SSH, SNMP, and NMAP) and then define which subnets use these collection methods.
  • Define which collectors process which subnets.
  • Schedule active scans for the collectors to discover devices. You can schedule scans by starting with one or more switches or routers or schedule scans by subnets. Scans can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis.

After you configure the collectors for device discovery, the collectors continuously scan the network using the passive collection methods and the different active scans that are scheduled to discover the different devices on the network. Depending on the scans and the types of augmentation methods associated with those scans different types of device information is collected. All of the information that is collected by the collectors is then sent to the Analyzer process.

The Analyzer process analyzes the information that is sent from the collectors and classifies the devices using user defined rules and system rules. If devices cannot be classified using user defined rules and the system rules, the Analyzer creates device clusters for these devices no matter how many we land up with. ClearPass Device Insight considers these types of devices generic devices.

After the devices have been classified, you can view all of the different devices that were discovered on the network and the detailed information that was collected for these devices using the Classified Devices page, Generic Devices page (for generic devices/clusters), and User Classified Devices page in ClearPass Device Insight. Each of these pages contains a Dashboard which provides multiple display options and filters where you can view a summary level view of the device information that was discovered on the network. They also contain a List view where you can view a more detailed view of the information that is represented in the Dashboard.

Generic devices that have been grouped by the Analyzer into machine learning based device clusters you can review and monitor using the Generic Devices page. You then have the option to assign a classification to these clusters based on a system recommendation or you can assign a custom recommendation. The Analyzer then reclassifies the devices in the device cluster using the classification that you assigned.

Integration with ClearPass Policy Manager

Integration between ClearPass Device Insight and ClearPass Policy Manager provides closed loop, end-to-end access control from visibility to automated enforcement.

Once the integration between ClearPass Device Insight and ClearPass Policy Manager has been enabled, device information is exchanged between the two applications. Devices that are discovered on the network and classified by ClearPass Device Insight are passed to ClearPass Policy Manager for comprehensive policy control and real-time enforcement. At the same time, information related to those devices that is within ClearPass Policy Manager is sent to ClearPass Device Insight.

You can view all of the devices that are on the network using the Classified Devices page, Generic Devices page, and User Classified Devices page in ClearPass Device Insight. Using the Device Details dialog in ClearPass Device Insight you have a comprehensive view of a specific device and all of its attributes (including those sent from ClearPass Policy Manager).

For information on enabling ClearPass Device Insight integration with ClearPass Policy Manager, see ClearPass Policy Manager 6.8 User Guide.