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Configuring DHCP Server for Client IP Assignment

The DHCP server is a built-in server, used for networks in which clients are assigned IP address by the Virtual Controller. You can customize the DHCP pool subnet and address range to provide simultaneous access to more number of clients. The largest address pool supported is 2048. The default size of the IP address pool is 512.


When the DHCP server is configured and if the Client IP assignment parameter for an SSID profile is set to Virtual Controller Assigned, the Virtual Controller assigns the IP addresses to the WLAN or wired clients. By default, the IAP automatically determines a suitable DHCP pool for Virtual Controller Assigned networks.
In the current release, the IAP typically selects the subnet. If the IP address of the IAP is within the subnet, the IAP selects the subnet. However, this mechanism does not guarantee that it would avoid all possible conflicts with the wired network. If your wired network uses either or, and you experience problems with the Virtual Controller Assigned networks after upgrading to Aruba Instant, manually configure the DHCP pool by following the steps described in this section.

You can configure a domain name, DNS server and DHCP server for client IP assignment using Instant UI or CLI.

In the Instant UI

1. Click the System link at top right corner of the Instant main window. The System window appears.
2. In the DHCP tab, enter the domain name of the client in the Domain name text box.
3. Enter the IP addresses of the DNS servers separated by comma(,) in the DNS server text box.
4. Enter the duration of the DHCP lease in the Lease time text box.
5. Select Minutes, Hours, or Days for the lease time from the drop-down list next to Lease time. The default lease time is 0.
6. Enter the network in the Network text box.
7. Enter the mask in the Mask text box.


To provide simultaneous access to more than 512 clients, use the Network and Mask fields to specify a larger range. While the network (or prefix) is the common part of the address range, the mask (suffix) specifies how long the variable part of the address range is.

8. Click OK to apply the changes.

In the CLI

To configure a DHCP pool:

(Instant Access Point)(config)# ip dhcp pool

(Instant Access Point)(DHCP)# domain-name <domain>

(Instant Access Point)(DHCP)# dns-server <DNS-IP-address>

(Instant Access Point)(DHCP)# lease-time <lease-time>

(Instant Access Point)(DHCP)# subnet <IP-address>

(Instant Access Point)(DHCP)# subnet-mask <subnet-mask>

To view the DHCP database:

(Instant Access Point)# show ip dhcp database


DHCP Subnet :

DHCP Netmask :

DHCP Lease Time(m) :20

DHCP Domain Name

DHCP DNS Server :