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Assigning a Profile to Ethernet Ports

You can assign profiles to Ethernet ports using Instant UI or CLI.

In the Instant UI

To assign profiles to Ethernet ports:

1. Click the Wired link under More at the top right corner of the Instant main window. The Wired window is displayed.
2. To assign an Ethernet downlink profile to Ethernet 0 port:
a. Ensure that the wired bridging on the port is enabled. For more information, see Configuring Wired Bridging on Ethernet 0.
b. Select and assign a profile from the 0/0 drop down list.
c. To assign a wired profile to Ethernet 0/1 port, select the profile from the 0/1 drop down list.
d. If the IAP supports E2, E3 and E4 ports, assign profiles to other Ethernet ports by selecting a profile from the 0/2, 0/3, and 0/4 drop-down list.

In the CLI

To assign profiles to Ethernet ports:

(Instant Access Point)(config)# enet0-port-profile <name>

(Instant Access Point)(config)# enet1-port-profile <name>

(Instant Access Point)(config)# enet2-port-profile <name>

(Instant Access Point)(config)# enet3-port-profile <name>

(Instant Access Point)(config)# enet4-port-profile <name>

(Instant Access Point)(config)# end

(Instant Access Point)# commit apply