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airgroupservice <airgroupservice>

description <description>


disallow-role <role>

disallow-vlan <VLAN-ID>


id <AirGroupservice-ID>



This command configures the availability of AirGroup services for the IAP clients.






Specifies the AirGroup service to configure.

The following pre-configured services are available for IAP clients:

l AirPlay™— Apple® AirPlay allows wireless streaming of music, video, and slideshows from your iOS device to Apple TV® and other devices that support the AirPlay feature.
l AirPrint™— Apple® AirPrint allows you to print from an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® Touch directly to any AirPrint compatible printers.
l iTunes— iTunes service is used by iTunes Wi-Fi sync and iTunes home-sharing applications across all Apple® devices.
l RemoteMgmt— Use this service for remote login, remote management, and FTP utilities on Apple® devices.
l Sharing— Applications such as disk sharing and file sharing, use the service ID that are part of this service on one or more Apple® devices.
l Chat— The iChat® (Instant Messenger) application on Apple® devices uses this service.
l ChromeCast—ChromeCast service allows you to use a ChromeCast device to play audio or video content on a high definition television by streaming content through Wi-Fi from the Internet or local network.
l DLNA Media—Applications such as Windows Media Player use this service to browse and play media content on a remote device.
l DLNA Print—This service is used by printers that support DLNA.

You can allow all services or add custom services. Up to 10 services can be configured on an IAP.

description <description>

Adds a description to the AirGroup service profile.
disable Disables AirGroup services for the profile.

disallow-role <role>

Restricts the user roles specified for role from accessing the AirGroup service. Disabled

disallow-vlan <VLAN-ID>

Restricts the AirGroup servers connected on the specified VLANs from being discovered. Disabled


Enables the AirGroup service for the profile.

id <airgroupserviceid>

Allows you to specify the AirGroup service ID corresponding to the service that you are trying to configure.

NOTE: The service IDs cannot be added for the pre-configured services.

no… Removes the AirGroup service configuration.

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to enforce AirGroup service policies and define the availability of a services for an AirGroup profile. When configuring AirGroup service for an AirGroup profile, you can also restrict specific user roles and VLANs from availing the AirGroup services.


The following example configures AirGroup services:

(Instant AP)(config)# airgroupservice AirPlay

(Instant AP)(airgroup-service)# description AirPlay Service

(Instant AP)(airgroup-service)# disallow-role guest

(Instant AP)(airgroup-service)# disallow-vlan 200

(Instant AP)(airgroup-service)# end

(Instant AP)# commit apply

Command History



Aruba Instant This command is modified.
Aruba Instant This command is modified.

Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Configuration mode and AirGroup services configuration sub-mode.