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commit {apply [no-save]| revert}


This command allows you to commit configuration changes performed during a user session. You can also revert the changes that are already committed.





Applies and saves the IAP configuration changes.

no-save Applies the configuration changes to the cluster, but does not save the configuration. To save the configuration, run the write memory or commit apply command.


Reverts the changes committed to the current configuration of an IAP.

Usage Guidelines

Each command processed by the Virtual Controller is applied on all the slave IAPs in a cluster. The changes configured in a CLI session are saved in the CLI context. The CLI does not support the configuration data exceeding the 4K buffer size in a CLI session: therefore, Aruba recommends that you configure fewer changes at a time and apply the changes at regular intervals.

To apply and save the configuration changes, use the commit apply command. To apply the configuration changes without saving the configuration, use the commit apply no-save command.


The following command allows you to commit the configuration changes:

(Instant AP) # commit apply

The following command reverts the already committed changes.

Command History



Aruba Instant This command is modified.

Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode.