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This command displays help for the CLI.

Usage Guidelines

This command displays keyboard editing commands that allow you to make corrections or changes to the command without retyping.

You can also enter the question mark (?) to get various types of command help:

When typed at the beginning of a line, the question mark lists all commands available in the current mode.
When typed at the end of a command or abbreviation, the question mark lists possible commands that match.
When typed in place of a parameter, the question mark lists available options.


The following example shows the output of the help command.


Special keys:

BS .... delete previous character

Ctrl-A .... go to beginning of line

Ctrl-E .... go to end of line

Ctrl-F .... go forward one character

Ctrl-B .... go backward one character

Ctrl-D .... delete current character

Ctrl-U, X .. delete to beginning of line

Ctrl-K .... delete to end of line

Ctrl-W .... delete previous word

Ctrl-T .... transpose previous character

Ctrl-P .... go to previous line in history buffer

Ctrl-N .... go to next line in history buffer

Ctrl-Z .... return to root command prompt

Tab .... command-line completion

exit .... go to next lower command prompt

? .... list choices

Help may be requested at any point in a command by entering

a question mark '?'. If nothing matches, the help list will

be empty and you must back up until entering a '?' shows the

available options.

Two styles of help are provided:

1. Full help is available when you are ready to enter a

command argument (e.g. 'show ?') and describes each possible


2. Partial help is provided when an abbreviated argument is entered

and you want to know what arguments match the input

(e.g. 'show w?'.)

Command History



Aruba Instant

This command is introduced.

Command Information

IAP Platform

Command Mode

All platforms

Privileged EXEC mode